The initial purpose of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine was to be used in laboratory tests for urine testing machines calibration. However, it has got much more usages than that.Check

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has got unique content that resembles human urine in the level of creatinine, it is PH balanced and has got necessary specific gravity. It is easy to warm it up to necessary temperature and, moreover, it is unisex and can be freely used by any man or woman. 

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has got many advantages as opposed to other products in the line. It might be problematic for a person to prepare the synthetic urine of right compounding. Powdered or concentrated form of synthetic urine makes it quite hard to prepare a mix properly and with Quick Fix it only takes about 15 seconds to get it ready. You may rest assured that your synthetic urine will adhere to all the specifications of human urine. There is no need to be a chemist to prepare the substance; just follow the simple steps.

- Before taking your sample to the laboratory it is necessary to warm it up for about 10 seconds. This can be done with the help of microwave or a heating pad or with the help of hand warmers.

- Quick Fix should be shaken after heating and it is essential that the temperature was around 94° and 100°F as this is the temperature of human urine. The bottle of Quick Fix has got the temperature strip that helps to define the temperature right.

- After all the necessary procedures are made, place the bottle somewhere where it won't be noticed and take heating pad as well - it will help to keep the temperature for about 6 hours. Before pouring into the lab cap shake the bottle again.

One of the most burning questions concerning Quick Fix is whether it is good or not (better than other products) and whether it really works. Well, it is the best option of all the existing ones as the structure of this synthetic urine resembles human urine in the aspects of creatinine levels and ph as well as specific gravity and color. If there is the type of synthetic urine that can guarantee the highest chance of passing a urine test - this is Quick Fix.